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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on ECU Connections. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Disclaimer

    1. The site owners and administrators are in no way to be held responsible or in any way accountable for any information contained within this site #
    2. The site owners and administrators are in no way responsible for the fitness-of-use of any information contained within this site #
    3. The site owners and administrators are in no way responsible for the integrity, validity, or applicability for any purpose of all information on this site #
    4. By applying for membership to this site, you verify your understanding that all information contained in this website is expressly intended for educational personal use only #
    5. This site and all contents are offered for open educational purposes only with no expressed warranty and/or liabilities.
      No content on this site shall be for resale use #
    6. Users of this site except all risks and liabilities associated with the use of any information contained within this website #
  2. The Rules

    1. There will be no promoting, no selling , no linking to, and/or distributing of cracked software or clones #
    2. Do not post links to sites that sell cracked software or cloned tools #
    3. There will be no cracked software or clone talk #
    4. Do not post cracked software, keygens, serials or links to any warez sites #
    5. All posts must be in English #
    6. If you don't want to share it don't post it #
    7. Password protected files/archives are not permitted #
    8. Make sure you have permission to post any file on this forum from the original creator, cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringement #
    9. SPAM and commercial posts/private messages are not allowed #
    10. Racist, bigotry or discriminating posts will not be tolerated #
    11. Use of foul language or profanity is not permitted #
  3. No advertising

    1. Posts in technical and other non sponsor areas that are explicitly commercial or a commercial endorsement will be at a minimum heavily edited for content and more than likely deleted #
    2. Links to commercial sites from this board are heavily discouraged #
    3. We are opposed to pop-up and other annoying internet advertising methods - to the extent possible please avoid linking to sites that utilize pop-up ads #
    4. Explicitly commercial site URL's should be limited to member profiles in the appropriate website field. Member profiles may contain URL's to any acceptable material including commercial and competitive sites #
    5. Signatures are a part of posts and will fall under this policy #
  4. Afterwords

    1. To express your gratitude do not reply to posts with a 'thank you' text, you should use the thank you button #
    2. URL's are not acceptable member names, something like name@location will be accepted but is not allowed #
    3. We would like to see thorough complete discussions backed by support for claims #
    4. If you have an issue with a member, private message a moderator or admin #
    5. This is for you guys to talk about whatever you want as long as it's somewhat tuning related and is not inflammatory, degrading or objectionable. No Flame Wars! #
    6. Sending private messages, posting and downloading attachments requires that you introduce yourself here viewforum.php?f=14 #
    7. To gain access to the premium sub-forums please read here viewtopic.php?f=13&t=34448 #